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The firm regularly advises clients on issues relating to the National Labor Relations Act and the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act.  This work includes the following specific areas:

- Organizing – Strategies for successful organizing campaigns and timing of petitions.  RC hearings and assistance with election campaigns and any post-election challenges.

- Picketing and Bannering – Assisting clients with conducting lawful picketing and bannering by reviewing content of any flyers and signs and review of placement and number of picketers and banners.

- Strikes and Campaigns – Prior to any job action, we assist clients with strategy, timing, and planning for the location and nature of the action.  During job actions, we advise as issues arise regarding picket placement, injunctions and arrests, and assist clients with strategies to reach a successful conclusion to the job action.

- Preservation of work and protecting units from raiding.

- Unfair labor practice charges, including discrimination, failure to bargain, and unlawful assistance charge.

- Other National Labor Relations Board matters, including unit clarification, accretion petitions, and decertification petitions.

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