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Our firm regularly conducts sensitive internal workplace investigations.  These can relate to legal compliance, employee conflict, or claims of harassment.   Investigations can include accommodation issues, harassment, discrimination, whistleblower issues, compliance with bylaws, compliance with employer policies, or other unique aspects of the workplace. 


Our firm has handled numerous types of internal complaints.  Some recent examples include:


  • Investigating a complaint related to non-compliance with bylaws and shop steward responsibilities at a large manufacturing facility.

  • Claim of sexual harassment at a training facility.

  • Claim of racial discrimination and harassment at an apprenticeship program.

  • Investigation of job performance and non-compliance with statutory rights of union members at meetings.

  • Claim that leadership were neglecting their duties and committing misconduct.

  • Harassment of female workers on a construction jobsite. 


We are committed to helping clients navigate complicated circumstances.  We can tailor an investigation to fit your particular situation and workplace.

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